Best shoes for heel pain

Best shoes for heel pain review in 2020

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Do you ever suffering hell pain to wear the wrong shoes? Is that consistent your heel gets pained when you walk the long distance away from your work to the railway station day by day. Almost every day, there is plenty of people suffering from heel pain problem. Therefore, the best shoes for heel pain required to avoid your feet get an injury.

Whenever you have heel pain, it may affect and interrupt your daily activities and life. They mostly involve mostly in heel pain compared to less active people. You maybe can do self-treatment for your heel pain. But what if you have footwear would protect your heel from the painful, So you can ignore any treatment need to cure anytime?

There is a better way to cure your heel pain except for surgery and self-treatment for your heel by choosing the right shoes. Get footwear that can support your heel part with a thick cushion material. There are many brands to cure your heel pain in the market out there. Below I will explain some guideline and a few brands of shoes which might help you heal your heel pain. Let get it to start!

Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • What is heel pain?
  • How to choose a best shoe for heel pain
  • The treatment of heel pain.
  • Comparison of a different brand of shoes for heel pain.

What is the heel pain problem?

Heel pain is our daily problem that is affected by a few forms, such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Heel pain happens typically on the bottom of the heel(Plantar fasciitis) and behind the heel(Achilles tendinitis). Usually, it happens when in the morning after you wake up and standing up is painful.

How to choose the best shoes for heel pain?

Before you plan to get a shoe that can heal your heel pain, you required to do and don’t for choosing the right shoes to help your heel pain.

Accurate fit size:

In the beginning, you need to get shoes that have the correct fit for your feet. Loosing or tightly will occur comfortably on your feet quickly if you are getting the wrong size for your fit.

Sole Research:

Find shoes that will have good soles for the shoes to protect your heel from pain. Get good soles shoes. Not only safeguard your heel from injured. Each step, it also able to adjust your body movement and alignment.

Shun Weak flats:

Everyone knows no one’s shoes out there are flat. Usually, shoes have one or two-inch height on the heels part. Even have a little of height heel shoes can adjust your body alignment and protect when compare to super flat shoes.

Great heel Counter:

A heel counter is necessary for the shoes for heel pain. That is a spot area to keep your heel and foot in the shoes. The function of the heel counter reinforces the heel cup of a pump and increases support for your foot.

A sturdy and thick heel counter can reduce over-pronation. A right and sturdy heel counter to provide you lock the foot into the shoes to the midsoles. To find an excellent heel counter, you need to press and feel it with your finger or thumb.

Support Arch:

Some people have foot pain at the same spot for long life, but it can be an advantage to wear the shoes to have the arch supports. Arch support, giving you lesser pain on your foot and more comfortable while walking. It provides you a stability and balance movement on your body.


There are many brands out there at one product. Whether it came from running shoes or hiking shoe brand you are searching for. All these brand depends on your feet required, and when it comes to heel pain issue. It specifies some brand to produce the best footwear for particular feet need. Later on, below, we will talk some brand on the best feature on shoe for the heel pain purpose.

Best Shoes for Heel Pain

The Treatment on your Heel Pain.

You can take care of your heel pain with your self-treatment at home and supportive shoes. Some below some point to heal your heel pain for your reference:

  • Try to avoid walking for nonstop walking long distances. Take a break. Avoid standing an extended time period as well.
  • Put an ice pack under your feet and alternative way using the iced, frozen button and rolling under the foot, which may help you.
  • Try to add some soft cushion to your shoes of the heel area.
  • Try to spray some “ibuprofen” anti-inflammatory pain medication suggested by the doctor.
  • Stretching may help you with the heel pain by YouTube guidance or website step by step may helpful for you.

The Top five Footwear review for heel pain

Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Women’s Stretchable Shoes

This footwear has comfort and stylish design with the ortho feet brands. it is excellent for pain-free walking. Its general outline for the heel pain and overall foot pain disease. It makes your life more efficient in every single step.

This footwear designed for lightweight, and it comes with air cushioning. To protect your heel from the pain, it combined with the orthotic inner soles designed with anatomical arch support. It builds with many layers of cushioning for this footwear. Because of the help of your great cushion and inner soles,it can help you to reduce the pain of lower back and heel pain.

There is many different size available for this model shoes. It very flexible for the size because it issues with full, medium, extra-wide size, and extra wide.By the way, it also features the foam padding to make any type of foot are subtlety. If you are not satisfied with this footwear, they are to give you a refund within the 60 day test period.

Gravity for Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes.

Gravity defyer is a combination of fabric and synthetic material. It reduces the lousy foot impact by VersoShock Sole Technology. This technology can control the spring system that acts as proper shock absorption, then transform into the renewed positive energy to boost your walking steps. It can help you to stand for all days further without worrying about your knee and feet are sore.

They provide a removable innersole that creates space for having padding layered based on your requirements. There has a large toe box at the front to improve circulation while relieving tension on toes and arches, especially for the bunion and diabetes. It brings your toe moving more ease. Those people who have sensitive feet are suitable for these shoes.

The forefront of the shoes is designed with rocker soles, supported by the mid foot to prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis issues. Overall this shoe comes with a combination of 8 colors for you to select.

Orthofeet Proven Relief of Foot and Heel Pain.

This Orthofeet brand provides an ergonomic soles material to make the shoes more lightweight with the air cushioning onward with the added Orthotic insoles that emphasize the anatomical arch support. With the various cushioning materials provided soft like pillow-like support.

These shoes come with a different size, include medium, wide, and extra-wide. It is offering a perfect and customized fit following the categories such as women’s stretchable shoes, women’s athletic shoes, and walking shoes with the long diameters. With the flexible uppers with SEAM-FREE FABRIC LINING and the additional foam padding can produce comfortable and protection for the people who have sensitive feet. These shoes can act as like solution tools for women diabetic shoes.

The special of these shoes is the wide toe box, giving you a comfortable and eases pressure on bunions, hammertoes, and sensitive feet. This brand provides you 60-day wear for the test, and if you feel not satisfied, you can return the shoes for a full refund.

Vionic Women’s Kona Fitness Shoes

This model has grown fast to be one of the popular sneakers now. And it is excellent for you to upgrade your footwear, especially when you working out and running. Its term of flexibility is the essential key to look for at a shoe in a proposal to handle your heel pain.

In general, these shoes are super lightweight. Therefore you do not worry about any foot pain. When you have the intense workout, these footwear brings the maximum support from the ground to other bodies due to the podiatrist-designed footbed built-in.

Nevertheless, the shoes cushioning are a bit tinner compare to other brand shoes for heel pain. Therefore, it more suitable for a fitness workout. There are super comfortable and help with your posture. It looks like a regular tennis shoe and is more stylish than I thought.

New Balance Men’s 510v4 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

These new balance running shoes come with an AT Trend down here on the outsole. So you can take this footwear right from the road and take it to the trail, never miss a beat. It pretty lightweight and well it to build for the neutral runner.

Overall you are going to get a 12-millimeter heel to toe differential, so you have plenty of cushioning there. Furthermore, there is plenty of cushioning around the collar, and there are even have Ortholite inserts. It provides a ton of cushioning and some added arch support on the inside there as well.

The combination of absorb and activa material builds the midsole part of the shoes. Which is really gives you that perfect combination of shock absorbency and support. So whether you hit the trail or road, these shoes got you covered and protect your heel from the pain.

In Conclusion

In Summary, Heel pain is not just a matter to heal from surgery or pain medication. You can be heal or prevent pain using the best shoes for heel pain. There are have many brand shoes that are great to wear on the heel pain issue, such as orthopedic and brooks for women and men. They bring you to a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

So after you read through our guidelines above and some brand shoe recommendations, the decision is up to you whether the shoes are the right fit for you or not after you tried and explored the comfortable feel.

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