Best Shoes for Kayaking

The Best Shoes for Kayaking Review in 2020

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Are you a person like to enjoy kayaking water sports? Choosing one of the Best aqua shoes or good water shoes for Kayaking sports activities is one of the fundamentals. Nevertheless, there are many different brands of good shoes for kayaking available for sales in the market right now.

Getting one of the aqua shoes for kayaking needed the boots to work on land or in the water. You can’t wear any sneakers, sandals or socks on performing on kayaking sport. It will be easy to get spoiled as they are not designed to, especially for the water sport.

Kayaking shoes are unique designs to protect and prevent injury from the impact of a sharp object or creek rock in the water to your feet. Overall, you need good aqua boots for kayaking water sport. Below here, I will elaborate on some guidelines, hints, and recommend some top water footwear for you guys!


  • Introduction
  • What is Water Shoes?
  • How to select the best kayaking shoes
  • The benefit of using water Shoes
  • Pro and Cons for using water shoes
  • Quick Review of Top Five Water sandals for kayaking
  • Conclusion

What are Water shoes?

Water shoes are typically footwear used for activities likely your feet to become wet such as kayaking water sport. Water shoes usually made by a mesh and a thick sole to prevent and avoid injury from sharp object and creek rock to your feet in the water. 

The footwear provides a small hole typically at the bottom of the shoe to drain out the water quickly. The reason is to make your water shoes faster, get dry and prevent easily break down become faulty and make the shoes more lightweight and lifespan of the shoe material longer.

There are many types of water footwear available in the market. They are most likely are sock or as sneakers or even boots. There are three main types of water shoes as below:

  • Water shoes-Identify as like normal type of footwear and can wear casually into the water. This shoe define as hiking in water shoes.
  • Water socks – State of the feeling of barefoot when doing activities in the water.
  • Water Sandals – Define as the fastest shoes to drain out the water and fall out the sand quickly. 
Best Shoes for Kayaking

How to select the best kayaking Shoes?


When you are out on the water, we deal with two important environments – the water and the air. The temperature of both is seldom the same. To stay safe and comfortable, it important to wear your shoes for water temperature, not just the air temperature.

Kayaking footwear adapted in a variety of thickness and rubber soles to the temperature of the water when you are kayaking. When you are kayaking in cold temperature water, your shoes need thick rubber sole or waterproof footwear. While you are in a Warm weather environment, highly recommend some small hole at the bottom or side of the shoe with airflow out from the boots.


On Each terrain, you travel on your kayaking journey delivery some creeping rock, and the sharp object will attack the kayaking shoe required for you, .Especially when you are jumping in and out. You needed a thick soles water footwear to across those creep rocks and another sharp object, step on the steady situation.

The kayaker always feels they are in an unsafe situation because of the mixture of water, moss, and wet rock against your body can create a tragedy for the adventurer. However, wear sturdy and comfortable footwear in the terrain area is required.

Height of Shoes

The height divided three main groups categories for kayaker shoes; it either knee height, ankle, and low cut. Firstly is the knee height categories of the boots. Usually, it best fit for the ice fishing activities for kayakers since they manage to provide you excellent of covering. Nevertheless, you will get uncomfortable for this type of shoes when it gets wet.

Secondly is the low-cut shoes that provide you comfort and flexibility. There are best fits for you to looking in for the least protection from jumping in and out from the kayak. It easy to cool your feet when you step to the water surface.

Thirdly is the ankle height type shoes provide you warmer compare to lower cut type water shoes. They easily get in the market for these types of kayak shoes as they have a variety of choices with the thicker soles. They are more comfortable to wear and carry on the journey.

The Material

Neoprene is so far the most popular material for kayaking shoes because it is more grippy, lightweight, and flexible. Some manufacturers combined the neoprene and titanium material to produce kayak shoes to improve their stability and performance.

For the shoe sole material part, you need to ensure it made from a sturdy rubber type sole. This Kind of material is to prevent your feet from getting the injury from the rocks. However, the content has to be made with a sturdy grip for extra steadiness.

Fit size

You should choose kayak shoes, which you feel more cozy and comfortable than your other normal footwear every day. If you wear too tight, your foot will cramp after a certain time of paddling on the water. But if you wear too loose, it might get you to risk having wreckage coming in and getting sores.

You have to make sure to wear shoes with comfort when you fit in with your feet and toe without any loose material. Keep in mind that neoprene material expands will become more flexible in the water.

Gender Vs Unisex Type shoes

In general, if compare between men and women, men’s foot sizes are bigger than women’s foot sizes. For women, they can fit toward the heel immediately easily. Therefore you required to different your gender-specific boots.

Overall, We recommend you choose the unisex boots to compare the gender shoes because of easy to adapt to the needs.

Best Shoes for Kayaking

The Benefit of using water shoes.

The feature you will find useful depending on what activities you do on aqua shoes. Here we divided a few points for you the benefit of using aqua shoes on kayaking shoes.


Firstly, here we talk about comfort to wear water shoes. I believe everyone required they have shoes wear on comfortable feeling.No matter you are on the paddling or even seat on a kayak boat, you hope the shoes can make your feet comfortable always.

Your shoe should have a proper, correct fit to your feet and make sure they are not slipping off any part of your feet. You will be getting worse if you slip off at the beginning and will lead you to injured by blister or rocks.


Secondly, Lastingness for aqua shoes for you is very important as that meaning you can use it for an extended period. With the material sturdy rubber soles aqua shoes, which can give you more grip on the stand over the stone or sand with the step by step with no worry injured impact.

Mostly the aqua shoes are designed for the durability with material that can sustain being immersed in water time and time being. To take care of your shoes to have a more life spend, try to clean your aqua shoes will after used.


There are many aqua shoes made of breathable fabric. They may help the boots keep dry fast and help to keep your feet aired. The material of breathable fabric can be worn in warm weather so that your feet won’t feel overheated.

However, there is a good deal of water shoes making by mesh fabric material. Therefore, it avoids as many as water or air, staying inside the shoes.

Secure fit 

The aqua shoes have to securely fit your feet when you are paddling in the water. Especially jump on and off from the kayak. Most importantly, you need to concern about losing your shoes while you are mopped downriver.

For the same reason, if you want to swim or underwater activities, have a secure fit without losing the shoes is essential.

Different Styles

Anyway, if you plan to wear the aqua shoes on various water activities besides the kayaking. Especially when you plan to adventure on hiking the hill, you need footwear, which is combined with hiking shoes and aqua shoes.

Therefore, you need a shoe with a sturdy and thick sole unique design for hiking and walking for a long-distance. Because without the firm sole to protect your feet, you may get injured your feet anytime.

The Pros and Cons of Water shoes.

The advantage:

  • Aqua shoes can provide you a firm sole to protect and prevent your feet get injured from the rock and sharp object and other terrain objects.
  • It provides you with durable traction on the smooth surface.
  • This footwear can wear in on various activities such as hiking, camping, or swimming without just for kayaking.
  • Featuring on weather, this footwear able to bring your feet keep warm in a cold-weather situation.

The Disadvantage:

  • You would encounter hard to get the right aqua shoes in the market for hiking and any other water activities.
  • Some aqua shoes may occur a bad smell after a long period you wearing them.
  • Some low-quality fabric aqua shoes will bring your feet to sweating always.
Best Shoes for Kayaking

In Conclusion

In summary above showed you some guidance and how to choose the best shoes for kayak water activities. There are many various types of aqua shoes available out there. Nevertheless, you need to select it carefully for your own decision to use on what purpose.

Once you have selected the shoes, you required. Next, probably, you need to choose the style and type for the footwear, as long as it wears comfortably and keeps your feet protected always.

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