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The Best Carved Wood Wall Art Decor Review

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Being get into the renovation new house, we plan to get a unique carved wood wall art decor at the guest’s living room. We have chosen the wall panels and wall tiles for wall decoration for the full house. I decided to select wall wood Art as decor at the wall and is easy to fix nowadays. Now, many types of wood wall art decor are available to find in the market. So, to give a good look at our home. We have chosen a few designs for the wall decor.

They are straightforward to make us an extraordinary design for the wall. My husband wanted to find the art in a mixture of different forms to help bring a varying sense of texture into space.

I have explored a different kind of design and found that this below five product which is most suitable for any room for decoration.

Quick Reviewed -Carved Wood Wall Art Decor

  1. DharmaObjects Handcrafted Wooden Celtic Tree of Life Wall Decor Hanging Art
  2. Set of 3 Carved Wood Wall Plaques. Floral Wood Wall Hanging
  3. H HOMEPAINT Wood Wall Art and Contemporary Painting (Fern Series)
  4. Skyline Workshop Tree of Life Maple
  5. Medallion Tropical Bali Floral Wood Carved Wall Art Plaque.

#1.DharmaObjects Handcrafted Wooden Celtic Tree of Life Wall Decor Hanging Art

This Dharma object Handcrafted Wall decor hanging art dealing with multipurpose, especially for your home decor, yoga centre or meditation area. It come with approximately 12 inches diameter and 1 inch deep, and weight is about 700 grams.

This robust recycled wood features intricately carved rooted Celtic Tree of life design, and an Indian artist makes the design. It comes with pre-mounted hardware when you take out of the box package.

I highly recommend this handcrafted artistry due to the beautiful smooth feel to it, and it is almost therapeutic touching it. The behind the Tree is meaningful, and very well made and unique piece.

#2.Set of 3 Carved Wood Wall Plaques. Floral Wood Wall Hanging

These Carved wood wall plagues added a fascinating elegance to your living room or guest room. It is handmade by a Thai craftsman. Since a craftsman makes them, so the actual size will be slightly different what you observe at the picture.

You can buy this wood wall art as gift ideas for someone you know who needs to renovate or decorate their home. The size of this Wood art come with size 12″x12″x0.5″ and the weight is about 1.2 lbs. It includes the keyhole mounting, but you have to fix it by your own and hang it to the wall for decor.

These are the very firm and solid wood piece, and it comes with one set of 3 items. Highly recommend to buy this item due to the handmade skill and design is unique.

#3.H HOMEPAINT Wood Wall Art and Contemporary Painting (Fern Series)

Firstly, these H HOME PAINT Wood Wall Art become an exclusive wall hanging art network to decorate to your office and your home with a natural look design. This HOMEPAINT carved wood wall art is made by a team of an experienced artist and not as reprints the art, which is making them more unique every time.

Secondly, this beautiful and all-natural wood wall art design has been carefully painted to bring out gorgeous, high-quality textures and wood grain finishes. It perfect for any wall hanging it on your home almost everywhere and it only using standard nails or screw.

In summary, I highly recommend this item due to the contemporary colors, which are fascinating and the design is so rich wood grain to make them an exceptional work in your space or as a gift to someone else.

#4.Skyline Workshop Tree of Life Maple

Firstly, these Skyline Workshop Tree of life Maple come with 3 panels combine. Furthermore, this Tree of Life Maple panel takes almost four wide and 32 tall. You can easily be hanging this item on the wall with a few trim nails or a lot of 3M poster strips on the edges and corner.

Secondly, this Wart Art is very lightweight and easy to carry and hang it up to the wall. It is art created in the United States with a beautiful modern decor theme. It is made by beautiful maple wood and comes in a semi-gloss finish.

Overall, this is an impressive piece of art to decorate your home, especially hang at your living room or dining room which is perfectly well.

#5.Medallion Tropical Bali Floral Wood Carved Wall Art Plaque

Firstly, this Medallion Tropical Bali Floral wood wall art carved by Thai Artisan.This carved wood made from teak wood. You may see a slightly different from the product when you received, and the picture due to this is a handmade product.

Secondly, this wood wall art perfect for home decoration and have some classic Bali feel. And The size is 24″ Inches; Depth is 0.5″, and inches Weight is about 5.0lbs. The weight is about 5 pounds as well.

This wood wall art is great for a gift to someone else when they housewarming.

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