Dining Room Wall Decor

Dining Room Wall Decor

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A modern dining room wall decor is just a gift I have in mind for my nephew’s new home. It comes with five-panel artwork(total five pcs/ a set), it also has custom size and color which you may choose. The panel wall art framed ready to hang Giclee artwork and printed on waterproof canvas. They are suitable for wall decor, and it is also great for a gift to any friend and relative.

.When my nephew decided to move across the city to live near to my home area, I was THRILLED. I wanted to give her and her partner something unique that would help them settle in and make their home their own. The dining room wall art decor in their dining room perfectly with the modern, compliment, and warm up her dining room.I love this printed design of the wall art decor. They’re actually meant to work with a chart and make sure you are hanging on the correct spot of any direction.

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  1. Dreamy Home 5 Panels Turquoise Canvas Print Painting Modern Wall Art Decoration
  2. Vintage Rustic Farmhouse Wall Home Decor
  3. Winpeak Hand-Painted White Flower 
  4. wall26 – Colorful Spices in Wooden Spoons – Canvas Art Wall Decor
  5. GBtroo Rustic Mason Jar Sconces for Home Decor 6 Hours Timer Decorative Flower Wall Decor

#1.Dreamy Home 5 Panels Turquoise Canvas Print Painting Modern Wall Art Decoration

This Dreamy Home 5 Panels Turquoise Canvas artwork is suitable to hang on your living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen as well. The gallery picture already wrapped and stretched on a sturdy wooden frame.

This 5-panel artwork frame is an ideal choice to act as a present for your relative or friend new home decoration item, especially for hanging on their dining room wall.

This gallery frame is gorgeous with high color and a beautiful message on the art frame. The hanging blueprint inside makes it a price of cake to mount in record time. It complements and warms up the room. Therefore highly recommend getting one for your dining room decoration purpose.

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#2.Vintage Rustic Farmhouse Wall Home Decor

While, this Vintage Rustic Farmhouse Wall Home Decor Sign particular for home decor idea to hang on your dining room, living room, or any elsewhere of your home, which feels warm and charming. Indeed, this meaningful word at the sign of the artwork to remind you of the important thing in your life.

However, this massive wall plague takes the size of Dimensions: 17 x 23.5 x 1.1 Inches. The hanging item “wall screws” is included to fit the bracket on the back of your panel. The sign of the word on the board is very suitable for the Christian wall art to your home or even office.

This vintage board act as a great idea to send to your Christian friend and family gift for their home decor.

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#3.Winpeak Hand-Painted White Flower

Firstly, this modern canvas wall art is 100% hand-painted by a professional artisan without any canvas print. This wall artboard is fit to size by 48″W x 24″H (16″x24″ x3pcs) for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, etc.

Secondly, you may choose your design and custom size by order from the vendor. Furthermore, this gallery is wrapped and stretched on fir wooden stretcher ready to hang on the wall anytime.

In Summary, highly recommend this modern canvas handmade painted is very popular on the market decoration. And, It perfects to gift for your friend who need to decor their own home.

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#4.wall26 – Colorful Spices in Wooden Spoons – Canvas Art Wall Decor

Firstly, this printed canvas is different from the above item done by hand-painted. This high quality printed canvas shrinks the resistant of frames.

Secondly, It perfects to hang it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and bar. It comes with a whole set of the framed gallery, so you can ready to hang for your home decoration purpose.

One of the reasons i highly recommend this canvas printed board because It looked good enough for the price also. And, If you need to fill a gap on a wall, I would recommend something like this.

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#5.GBtroo Rustic Mason Jar Sconces for Home Decor 6 Hours Timer Decorative Flower Wall Decor

This GBtroo Rustic Mason Jar Sconces brand antique brings the unique home decor idea to your home. Thus, these perfect antique combination of contemporary and farmhouse style give your home a shanny chic look. For this reason, highly recommend hanging this decor wall set in your dining room and enjoy the romantic, soothing light and flowers add the harmony feel in your house.

However, these antique added the LED strip lights and decorative silk hydrangea that made your home more decorative. When your friend or family has a ceremony of housewarming, it a great idea to make this individual item as a present to them. So they can save the cost and think about what to put at the wall dining room.

In summary, I recommend you can place this to your little apartment dining room and on the light at night for your candlelight dinner, which feels romantic.

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